LIC’s Dhan Sanchay

LIC’s Dhan Sanchay (UIN:512N346V01)

A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual, Savings, Life Insurance Plan

LIC’s Dhan Sanchay combines protection and savings. It provides financial support to the family in the event of the policyholder’s death during the policy term and guarantees an income stream during the payout period from the date of maturity. This plan is available both offline through agents and intermediaries, and online through the LIC website.

Benefit Options:

  • Regular/ Limited Premium Payment:
    • Option A: Level Income Benefit
    • Option B: Increasing Income Benefit
  • Single Premium Payment:
    • Option C: Single Premium Level Income Benefit
    • Option D: Single Premium Enhanced Cover with Level Income Benefit

The chosen benefit option at inception cannot be changed later.

Eligibility Conditions:

  • Minimum Entry Age: 3 years (completed)
  • Maximum Entry Age:
    • Options A & B: 50 years
    • Option C: 65 years
    • Option D: 40 years
  • Minimum Maturity Age: 18 years (completed)
  • Maximum Maturity Age:
    • Options A & B: 65 years
    • Option C: 80 years
    • Option D: 55 years
  • Policy Term:
    • Options A & B: 10 & 15 years
    • Options C & D: 5, 10 & 15 years
  • Premium Paying Term:
    • For 10 Year Policy Term: 5 & 10 years
    • For 15 Year Policy Term: 5, 10 & 15 years
  • Payout Period:
    • Options A & B: Equal to Premium Paying Term
    • Options C & D: Equal to Policy Term

Premium Details:

  • Minimum Annualized / Single Premium:
    • Options A & B: ₹30,000
    • Options C & D: ₹2,00,000
  • Maximum Premium: No limit
  • Minimum Sum Assured on Death:
    • Options A & B: ₹3,30,000
    • Option C: ₹2,50,000
    • Option D: ₹22,00,000

Commencement of Risk:

  • For policyholders below 8 years of age, risk commences either 2 years from the policy start date or from the policy anniversary following the 8th birthday, whichever is earlier.
  • For those aged 8 years or more, risk commences immediately from the date of issuance of the policy.


  • If the policy is issued to a minor, it automatically vests on the Life Assured on the policy anniversary following the 18th birthday, becoming a contract between the Corporation and the Life Assured.

Key Benefits:

  • Death Benefit: Varies based on the chosen option and is payable on death of the Life Assured during the policy term after the commencement of risk.
  • Maturity Benefit: Consists of Guaranteed Income Benefit and Guaranteed Terminal Benefit, payable in advance during the Payout Period from the date of maturity.

Payment Options for Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Income Benefit is paid based on the Payout Mode selected by the policyholder (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly).
  • Guaranteed Terminal Benefit is paid as a lump sum along with the last installment of Guaranteed Income Benefit.
  • Death Benefits During the Payout Period: If the Life Assured passes away during the Payout Period (after maturity but before all installments of the Guaranteed Income Benefit have been paid)
    • The Guaranteed Income Benefit will continue to be paid to the nominee according to the chosen Payout Mode (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly) for the remaining Payout Period.
    • The Guaranteed Terminal Benefit will be paid along with the last installment of the Guaranteed Income Benefit.

This ensures that the nominee receives the financial support intended for the policyholder throughout the entire Payout Period.

Further Details: For detailed information, terms, and conditions, visit LIC’s official website or contact LIC agents.